How utu works

Lots of us feel helpless about the climate crisis.

More than half of us think that climate change could end the human race[1]. And a lot of us think that our individual actions won’t make a difference. So we often end up doing nothing - making the situation worse (and reinforcing our feelings of helplessness).

We show everyone that they can make a difference.

Our green challenges are simple lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on the climate. We use scientific data to show you how much your individual pledges will reduce your emissions, water use and waste. And if you have your own ideas for lifestyle changes, we can calculate their impact and turn them into a brand-new utu challenges for everyone.

We help people stay committed to change.

We show you the cumulative impact of your actions week-by-week, month-by-month and year by year. As your impact grows you’ll gain points and unlock badges and rewards. You’ll also see the impact the whole utu community is having - working together for positive change.

We’ll put pressure on governments and corporations.

Utu members are part of a growing environmental movement. Help us spread the word. The more people join us, the easier it will become to convince corporations and governments to do the things that individuals can’t.