We’re utu - nice to meet you

Dr Peter Osborne
Founder and CEO

Alastair Cartwright

Tom. O
Lead developer

Utu is a startup committed to helping everyone fight climate change. We’re creating an engaging lifestyle app that lets people see the real environmental impact of how they travel, work and live - and enables them to pledge simple actions to reduce their carbon footprint. We track the effect of these actions over time so our users can see the impact they are having on reducing CO2e emissions, resource use and waste (both as individuals and as the whole utu community).

Our team have spent 20 years creating innovative web platforms (including breathe - the UK’s most popular HR app). But we’ve become frustrated with how little governments and corporations are doing to address climate change. So we’ve decided we it owe to our kids (and yours) to do what we can to make a positive impact. So we’re starting a new journey with utu – to create a better future for us and our planet. We hope you’ll join us.